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Human nature: the best way to control people is through fear. Control and the cajoling of support appears to be the aim of the administration with regard to the people. All totalitarian leaders throughout history have lived by this rule. Keep them afraid.

There was massive media coverage of a terror threat, so the attendant news stories became, "how do we keep people from being so afraid?" Duh, don't report vague, unsubstantiated threats. And, "the terrorists have created a neurosis in the American people." Duh, no, the media has done that. Duh, duh, duh. How can you hear such stories and not rankle that they think you're so, so, so very stupid. It hurts to admit, but most of us are that stupid. That's why they do it.

I heard a woman on the news complaining that her solider husband died for ungrateful people who don't care that the Americans are there to "help" them. Yet, when asked if she thought the war was justified, she said, "no, we shouldn't have gone in the first place and we were led into it under false pretenses." My Lord, that was the most repulsive example of cognitive dissonance I'd heard in a week. She knows that the reasons for going to war are false (we didn't go to help Iraqis), yet she's mad at the Iraqis for being ungrateful for our "help." I'm sorry, but someday your brain may begin working again and you'll come to the logical conclusion that your husband was sent to die by your leaders for their own reasons -- and if you already know that they gave false reasons, then you must also know that the real ones must be unpalatable to the public. I'm afraid that's how it works. That's manipulation. That's human nature. Only using your brain and continually raising your awareness can protect you. Did you ever think about what personal growth is? What evolution is? It is the raising of awareness that leads to the increasing of knowledge. Hiding your head in the sand, turning away from it, dwelling only on pleasant thoughts, looking for the good in it all only allows the evil and the danger to grow, because it is not faced.

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